Thursday, March 17, 2016

 「sakura sakura」
So my appointment for today got rescheduled and I wanted to do something productive for the time being! I found a really pretty place to take my picture for today thanks to the SL Blogger Support group, so I went there and was instantly inspired. It took forever to get a result I actually wanted because of having to mess around with windlights/settings a lot, but I finally did it in the end! 

The Kawaii Project's new round is one of my favorite things- sakura/cherry blossoms! I know I'm wearing the same tattoo again, but I felt it really completed the outfit. I really wish I could catch up on all of the events I've been missing because there are so many things I want to grab (I'm sure you've noticed), but money's been tight and I've been super busy outside of doing blog posts. I will definitely catch up with them though when I'm able to. I promise!

Oh, and one last thing; Happy St. Patrick's Day! I'm not wearing green, but there is green in my picture.. so you can't pinch me? -runs and hides-

{ credits }

Collar | -Nomi-Miss Sakura Necklace-B-Blush {kawaii project} . new~
Dress | Sweet Thing. Sakura Minidress - Bubblegum {kawaii project} . new~
Eye Growth | . Quirky . - Sakura Socket Growth {kawaii project} . new~
Hair | [LCKY] Meredith {kawaii project} . new~
Hairpin | ALTAIR* cherry blossom clip .pink. {kawaii project} . new~
Ring | =Zenith=Plum Flower Deer Ring (Candy)
Tattoo | [CAROL G] Cherry Blossom Tattoo {skin fair}