Friday, April 22, 2016

 「black or white?」
Happy weekend! I got a post done ahead of time so I could enjoy the rest of the day. But for now, I've got a lot of new stuff from Black Fashion Fair! I know I didn't really do a legitimate exclusive post yet despite its opening on the 15th, so I'm making up for that now. Hope you enjoy~

{ credits }

Bracelets | Sweet Thing. Pentagram Trick Bracelet - Coal
Collar | .:E.A:.Studio Collar Zippers {black fashion fair} . new~
Eyes | [Buzz] Aura Eyes - Ice
Eyeshadow | {MUA} Eyeshadow Pack - Keila - silver {black fashion fair} . new~
Garter | Sweet Thing. Coal Pentagram Trick Garter
Hair | :::Phoenix::: Janet Hair {black fashion fair} . new~
Harness | Sweet Thing. Helli Harness
Headdress | Astralia - Holy ghost {black fashion fair} . new~
Heels | JamBee > Shoes > Bonnie Gladiator Heels > Maitreya Lara {black fashion fair} . new~
Lingerie/Stockings | *BE Designs* - Renee. {black fashion fair} . new~
Lips | VCO -  Plum tint <Vampire>
Nails | DP - Koffin Nails - Black on Black 
{black fashion fair} . new~
Pose | Kirin - May Pose 6
Tattoo | :::DC::: Resquiat in Pace (White) - Maitreya