Saturday, April 16, 2016

 「i'm coming home」
Hii! I haven't done a space look in.. quite some time now. The newest round of the Kawaii Project inspired me though, so I just kinda went with it and now I'm a space panda. In sparkly space. Hopefully you don't have to squint real hard to see me, I know it's dark! As is space.. You obviously can't see the back, but I've got a cute backpack on as well.

Also, as my laptop would have it, I had another BSOD and thought for sure, again, that my graphics card was history. Seems that's something I need to fix. Good thing I took this picture beforehand!

{ credits }

Backpack | Quirky - Earth Girls Are Easy - Backpack - Noir {kawaii project} . new~
Belt/Collar | Sweet Thing. Lynx Straps - Noir (Maitreya Beta) {ROMP} . new~
Flats | mignon. -cat toe-cap flat. (Maitreya) {the epiphany} . new~
Hair | [^.^Ayashi^.^] Mimi hair {100 block} . new~
Helmet | Quirky - Earth Girls Are Easy - Helmut - Panda {kawaii project} . new~
Shorts | -SU!- Lethal Shorts (MAITREYA) {black fashion fair} . new~
Top | ALTAIR* crop shirts .stripes.