Friday, June 3, 2016

Hello~ So I learned today that just because something doesn't go how it should the first few times doesn't mean it will never go that way. I didn't really LEARN it, but I stopped myself from thinking negatively to take a second and think about the bigger picture. It's going to take a lot of blood, sweat, and tears to get where I need to for now, but I should try to have a bit more faith for the time being. It's kind of difficult to keep your head up when bad thing after bad thing happens and then it just creates a giant ball of awful. I know it for sure. Buut.. I guess, it won't last forever. And I have to hold out until then.

Anyway, I really liked this outfit so I thought I'd blog it for you guys. Photo at TELRUNYA again because I couldn't get enough of their pretty sim.

{ credits }

Bodysuit | *Epic* Mermaid Bodysuit! {Pink.Pearl} . new~
Eyes | -SU!- Moonfrost Eyes . new~
Hair | [LCKY] Darla
Hairpin | .Atomic. {Gacha} Mermaid Dreams - Starfish Clip (pink)
Lashes | Pink Acid Mascara Star Clumper Eyelashes
Lollipop | ALTAIR* cutie lollipop .strawberry.
Nails | (*ANGELICA) SLINK NAIL POLISH "SUMMER SWEET #pink" {tropical summer fair} . starts today!
Necklace | *YS&YS* Wish Necklace Star
Pose | Kirin - Rini Pose 4
Seahorse | Fawny - Mermaid's Delight.Seahorse Companion - 5
Shorts | Fawny - Mermaid's Delight.Bottom
Tattoo | .epoch. wet mermaid legs - pink
Tiara | *Epic* Oysters & Pearls Mini Tiara! {Pink.Pearl} . new~