Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Hello~ I've been feeling kind of meh and it's cutting into my blogging. Currently RL is still a hassle and I'm trying my best not to let it make me 100% negative, but sometimes you can't really help it I guess. All I can do in times like this is my best, right? And I guess not give up..

New Arcade goodies! It also has a set of slippers for the newest Slink feet, but unfortunately I do not have them as of yet. The Arcade opens tonight. :D Photo taken at TELRUNYA.

{ credits }

Arm Bands | Sweet Thing. Ballet Arm Wraps - Noir (Maitreya) {the arcade} . opens tonight!
Bra | Sweet Thing. Ballerina Bra - Noir (Maitreya) {the arcade} . opens tonight!
Collar | -SU!- Lynexia Collar 1 . vip group gift~
Corset | Sweet Thing. Little Ballerina Corset - Noir (Maitreya) {the arcade} . opens tonight!
Eyeliner | < nova > Cecile Liner { oo1 }
Eyes | .ARISE. Sumi Eyes / Grey {tropical summer fair} . coming soon!
Face Tattoo | [KoKoLoReS]BP- Oriental Face tatt 02
Hair | /Wasabi Pills/ Chanel Mesh Hair - Licorice
Leg Bands | Sweet Thing. Ballet Leg Wraps - Noir (Maitreya) {the arcade} . opens tonight!
Panties | Sweet Thing. Ballerina Panty - Noir (Maitreya) {the arcade} . opens tonight!
Pose | [Curvosity] - Sweet Summer Pose 05
Tattoo | Isuka - Chicano - Black - Fresh