Monday, May 15, 2017

Hey guys! It was really nice out today and the sun was pretty warm so it felt a little warmer than 63. We took the dog for a walk and I guess it was just a liiiittle too warm for her, since she was panting halfway through. It was a nice change from all the rain we got though! 

I'm trying to speed up my work load here because an event is coming up pretty soon, and with how little I've blogged so far this month compared to normal, I don't think I'd be up to speed to go straight into it. I decided to do another 80s Rewind post today because, well, why not? I have a new outfit from mignon and this totally 80s style hair from Ayashi to go with it. Hope you guys like!

{ credits }

Backdrop | CMYK. (5) pink shop
Blue Ring | tram -Candy ring1- blue
Bracelet | DISORDERLY&MoonAmore / 80s Party Time / Jelly Bracelets / Pink
 @ rewind
Eyes | .ARISE. Haya Eyes / Black @ secret affair NEW
Glasses | DISORDERLY&MoonAmore / 80s Party Time / Sunglasses / Pink rewind
Hair | [^.^Ayashi^.^] Julya hair rewind NEW
Headphones | *:..Silvery K..:* Street Style(HeadPhone_Neck Yellow)15
Leggings | #5"
mignon." /HUD/-80's Roller Party. bottom [Maitreya exp] RARE rewind NEW
Outfit | #2"mignon." -80's Roller Party. outfit [Maitreya exp] RARE rewind NEW
Pose | Kirin - Tomo Pose 3 @ kustom9 NEW
Purse | [Black Bantam] Jelly Purse - Yellow
Rollerskates | #3"mignon." -80's Roller Party. shoes [Maitreya exp] RARE 
rewind NEW
Top | #4"mignon." /HUD/-80's Roller Party. tops [Maitreya exp] RARE rewind NEW
Yellow Ring | tram -Candy ring1- yellow