Thursday, June 22, 2017

Hey lovelies! I did what I do best and overblogged. What I mean is, I set up a few posts (including the credits) in less than 24 hours. -laugh- I am definitely what you would call a workaholic. But I noticed that when I do that, my photos tend to have noticeable improvement, so I can't really complain that I'm doing this to myself. It helps me get better, so it pays off in the end! Anywho, I have some new goods for the Kawaii Project from vincue, Imeka and CMYK. Also a pair of heels for Lootbox! Hope you guys like~

{ credits }

Floaties | CMYK// 2. Pastel swimming mint
CMYK// 2. Pastel swimming berry
CMYK// 2. Pastel swimming grape @ kawaii project NEW
Lounge Float | CMYK// 3. Pastel swimming berry kawaii project NEW
Pool | CMYK// 5. Pastel swimming rare kawaii project NEW
Pool Float | CMYK// 1. Pastel swimming milk kawaii project NEW

Eyes | -SU!- Darcey Eyes @ applique NEW
Hair | Lamb. Go Easy - Light Brown Pack
Heels | #2"mignon." -avec_toi heels [Maitreya exp] RARE 
@ lootbox NEW
Icecream | {Imeka} Italian Ice cream {Color 1} kawaii project NEW
Icecream Spills | {Imeka} Cream Nose {Color 1}
{Imeka} Cream mouth {Color 1} kawaii project NEW
Nails | :Moon Amore: Sweet Nails / Maitreya (Colorful Mix)
Pose | {PINGPONG} MOMO Bento poses #5 kawaii project NEW
Shorts | {vincue} Mini+Kinie ~ Short [Maitreya] kawaii project NEW
Top | {vincue} Mini+Kinie - Bra [Maitreya] kawaii project NEW