Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Hello~ I'm starting to get behind with a couple things I think.. so I'm trying to work on that. 7 Days to Die has pretty much been sucking up a lot of my time because it's such a blast to play with friends. Although.. here I am thinking I didn't do too much this month blogging wise and yet this makes post #14 for the month. I guess you could say the events I had to cover were a good part of that though, haha. Hope you guys like!

{ credits }

Bench | Sari-Sari - Wall Bench

Build | Soy. The Studio with mirror & ballet barre
Exercise Equipment | Sari-Sari - Resistance Bands Shelf
[Since1975]-Pinkness Gacha-Treadmill
[Since1975]Pinkness-Squat&Chin-up Bars
[Since1975]-Pinkness Gacha-Step Board
Jump Rope | AsteroidBox. New Year - Jump Rope Red @ gacha guardians
Lanyard | AsteroidBox. New Year - Gym Membership Lanyard gacha guardians
Lockers | Sari-Sari - Gym Locker
Motivational Shelf | Sari-Sari - Yoga Mat Shelf
Neon Sign | [Since1975]-Fitness Gacha-WallDecor(workit)
Planner | AsteroidBox. New Year - New Years Planner gacha guardians
Shoe Box | AsteroidBox. New Year - Shoe Box White gacha guardians
Smoothie | 
AsteroidBox. New Year - Antioxidant Smoothie gacha guardians
Weights | 
AsteroidBox. New Year - Hand Weights Pink gacha guardians
Yoga Mat | [Since1975]-Pinkness Gacha-Yoga Mat

Bodysuit | CURELESS[+] Stamina Bodysuit / Plain WHITE
Brows | Bossie. elena eyebrows [catwa]
Choker | [Black Bantam] Beaded Tattoo Choker White
Eyes | [ Conviction ] Shion Eyes (Catwa) @ epiphany
Garter | .:::G.ID:::. Sayomi Garters White-Maitreya
Glasses | {Kokoro} glasses - silver .::Cubic Cherry::.
Hair | [^.^Ayashi^.^] Allice hair
Jacket | [MotiAme] Denim Jacket - Light
Pose | Body Language SLC SS Pose - Cherry Blossom
Shoes | AsteroidBox. Velcro Patch Sneakers // Blue
Skin | ###  [PUMEC]  - Astrid - January - CATWA
Tattoo | .::Nanika::. Sweet Rose tattoo Black Maitreya