Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Hello guys! Well, that week went by very quickly. Back to blogging full time I think. I had fun with my best friend for the week she was here and we went to see Deadpool 2 on Saturday last week. It was a very enjoyable movie! I actually liked it more than the first, and that one was really good as well. I did get stressed/anxious quite a bit while we were out because of being around a lot of people and overall just being out in general (I haven't really been out much in the past 6 months) but overall it was an enjoyable time and we got to do some fun stuff. I even got a new bed and carpet for my floor from my mom for a late birthday gift and some expensive makeup from said friend who was staying here.

Anywho! Back to Gacha Garden since that is open for just a little over a week. I've gotta get caught up with that as well as a few stores for taking the week off. Worth it though! Hope you guys enjoy.

{ credits }

Blackboard | 12.Sese - Burger Bistro - Blackboard menu @ gacha garden
Build | 1.Sese - Burger Bistro - Burgers house RARE @ gacha garden
Chairs | 4.Sese - Burger Bistro - Barstool @ gacha garden
Condiments | 5.Sese - Burger Bistro - Chopping board @ gacha garden
Counters | 3.Sese - Burger Bistro - Counter with animation
2.Sese - Burger Bistro - Bar @ gacha garden
Fryer | 16.Sese - Burger Bistro - Fryer @ gacha garden
Menu | 18.Sese - Burger Bistro - Standing Chalkboard @ gacha garden
Photos | 15.Sese - Burger Bistro - Pictures @ gacha garden
Trays | 10.Sese - Burger Bistro - Tray with cheese burger 
Sese - Burger Bistro - Gift @ gacha garden
Wall Shelf | 17.Sese - Burger Bistro - Shelf @ gacha garden

Blush | NamiiChu ~ Twinkle * Blush - CATWA
Brows | [okkbye] Adumbrate Eyebrows (CATWA)
Earrings | AsteroidBox. Keir Earrings @ shiny shabby NEW
Choker | AsteroidBox. Keir Neck Chains - Silver @ shiny shabby NEW
Eyes | CURELESS[+] Wednesday Circle Lens
Hair | TRUTH / Jacica group gift
Lip Piercing | CUREMORE/ Stellar Piercings / Mouth -Catwa Catya @ kustom9
Lipstick | -SU!- Ordelia Lipstick /Essentials Pack/ @ applique
Nails | e.marie // OVAL w/shine (maitreya lara)
Nose Piercing | CUREMORE/ Stellar Piercings / NOSE - Side Star @ kustom9
Pose | BellePoses - Brena 4
Rings | Pretty Mess -- Sorceress Set -- Silver
Septum Piercing | CUREMORE/ Stellar Piercings / NOSE - Star Septum @ kustom9
Shorts | *:..Silvery K..:*BohoStyle ver2_ShortPants_Dark(16) @ whimsical
Skin | ###  [PUMEC]  -  Arisha -  February - Catwa
Tattoo | .:::G.ID:::. Charlotte Tattoo Str
Top | *:..Silvery K..:*BohoStyle ver2_Tank-topB(3) @ whimsical 

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