Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Hello~ Today was a nice day. It's actually a bit chilly to be honest. Yesterday I spent several hours helping my sister paint her new place and kinda went a little overboard haha. We got a lot done though! And she bought me sushi when we were done. Then I took a late night nap and messed up my sleep schedule (again). 

I have some goods for Gacha Garden and Okinawa Summer Festival to show you still before those close up at the end of the month. I will be getting a lot busier with blogging soon since I just got accepted into 3..or 4? new blogger groups as well. Pretty excited about that! Maybe it will keep me on my toes and blogging more. Hope you look forward to seeing the new stuff!

{ credits }

*FG* Lovely Watermelon #07- Table
*FG* Lovely Watermelon #09- Tea A
*FG* Lovely Watermelon #11- Sugar Pot
*FG* Lovely Watermelon #16- Pie @ okinawa summer festival
[Since1975]Pool Gacha-Beer Cup (Watermelon)
[Since1975]Pool Gacha- Toyz Storage gacha garden
Sway's [Elio] Ocean Hangout . Bowl with Watermelon
Sway's [Elio] Ocean Hangout . Candle
Sway's [Elio] Ocean Hangout . Gazebo RARE
Sway's [Elio] Ocean Hangout . Lampion long
Sway's [Elio] Ocean Hangout . Lampion medium
Sway's [Elio] Ocean Hangout . Sofa gacha garden

*CN* pose_1718_1a / 2018 BEACH BALL okinawa summer festival
[ MUDSKIN ]_Chae-young#Eyeliner
*N*WaterLily with frog prince #2
.::Nanika::. Pineapple Choker Pink
.::Nanika::. Pineapple Earrings 
.::Nanika::. Pineapple Necklace 1 Pink gacha garden
-Nomi-Hana Skin Gacha-Skin RARE @ girl power
*:..Silvery K..:*FlowerRompers #1(suit-Pink) @ whimsical NEW
-SU!- [CATWA] Astrid Eyes
TRUTH / Astra
Wednesday[+] ~ Blooming Eyelashes
Wednesday[+] ~ Highlighter Blushes

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