Friday, June 3, 2022

i haven't written on my blog in literal years (for many reasons), but because this month is so near and dear to me, i decided to change it for the occasion. i've had something on my mind for quite some time.. and it always comes back whenever pride month lurks around the corner. does anyone really care for text posts anymore? i hope you'll take a second to read anyway.

firstly, i'd like to say: HAPPY PRIDE MONTH! ♥ 

as a member of the LGBTQIA+ community, i have something to say. i always have a hard time finding inclusive items (both irl and in SL) in terms of the LGBTQIA+ community. not many places/companies seem to understand that pride is not just gay people and/or rainbows, but it's very difficult to find things that include the other half. capitalizing on rainbows can make a quick buck, but it really doesn't make it feel like those people care. it honestly makes me feel the opposite. doing research and actively taking the other part of us into consideration, and even just being an ally, is super appreciated. giving other members of the community a voice (and not just the LG part of us), would be appreciated. the more people who are comfortable with who they are, the better. feeling heard and valid is important no matter who you are! i am hopeful that more will pop up, especially during this month. i will keep an eye out.

one day i do hope that there will be a plethora of inclusive merch and people who can finally feel comfortable in their skin, whether it's in real life or in a virtual game. i do take note of those who hear us and wholeheartedly appreciate it. i will do my best to hunt for items that are all inclusive and share the credits with you, so that you can also pick them up! til then, stay safe, take care, and have a lovely pride month! love you all!

{ credits }

addon+ Kimi Eyeshadow
bonbon - erika hair
Frayed - Dakota Shorts - Love Wins - Light Blue
[LEGACY] Meshbody (f) Special Edition
LeLUTKA Ceylon Head
LOTUS. Care-Teddy Eyes
#Mewsery Pride Choker 2022 [for pride at home]
MIWAS / SL16B Pride Top #Sparkle
more more. blair skin_honey tone (brown)
more more. betty lips
MOVEMENT- Sweet Milkshake Pack (Sweet Unicorn Milkshake) [for pride at home] *mainstore event*