Oct 23, 2013

Ahh! I love the smell of autumn.. and new lolita releases. Today is RMK's mesh lolita dress, Princesse de Bonbons. I got super excited when I saw the preview for this one, not gonna lie. When I see brown, I go crazy! Especially if it's paired with mint.. which sadly, it wasn't, but that's fine! This dress is the same template as RMK's Lapin sur la Colline, Daemon Princess, and even the new rare gacha dresses. I have one of those as well, so I'll probably show it off at some point just so you can see what it looks like! There are a bunch of variations to this dress in different colors and textures. 

Personally, I would not continue to pay 400-450L per dress unless I really adore the textures, because they're the same exact design with different textures. They have the same accessories as the other dresses as well, recolored to match each dress. This dress came with both a white panier version and a brown panier version, though, which was a first for RMK. I'm glad to see that at least. Hopefully it continues if more of these dresses are released. So far this is my favorite of the mesh lolita dress release due to its color, the stripes and the content (sweets!). Good job, RMK.

Outfit Goodies:
Eyes - Faded to Brown

Hat/Dress - Princesse de Bonbons

Socks - Beige Thigh Socks in Dark