Oct 14, 2013

Hey guys! Now that I have something to work with, you all get a nice big update. Feeling uninspired can really suck the life out of me sometimes, but luckily there's always a lovely designer out there who can get me back on my feet by making amazing things. At first, I was going to do these separate, but I figured since they're both from Violent Seduction, maybe it would be better to put them into one! 

These dresses have gorgeous detail, and the designer makes the mesh herself! I have such a high respect for people who make the entirety of their releases rather than buying sculpts and just slapping on textures and such. She's also set up a store in RMK as well, which is pretty awesome! You should all check it out. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/RMK%20Gothic/71/80/31

Criminal- You get every single piece shown, separated. That means you can mix and match and use the other colors (I tend to only show one color, sorry about that) for dozens upon dozens of possibilities. Maybe even use them for your own looks. Originally, and sadly, this dress does not fit the criteria of lolita. If you add a skirt underneath, then you can definitely make it so, if you desire. On its own it is completely ero. It was a last minute choice for me to make it more lolita, honestly. It's still ero, it's just ero lolita now! For those of you with prim/mesh boobies, this dress has been tested and works with- Lola Tango, Lola Mirage, PUFFY, and Lush.

Nosferatu- You get a beautifully designed and high quality dress. The detail on the skirt part looks almost realistic to me. I feel I should also add that the colors go amazingly with her Lolita Blouses and bloomers in the main store, as you can see I've paired it up with the red blouse.

Which dress will you choose? (maybe both?!)

Outfit Goodies:


Hair - Faint

Dress/Headbow - Criminal in Monochrome

Skirt - Stripe Scallop Skirt in Black
Stockings - Patterned Stockings - Stripes in Black
Shoes - Platform Cuties in Black & White **no longer available**
Ring - Ring in Snow White **LB Prize**

Hair - Pretty

Blouse - Lolita Blouse in Red
Violent Seduction

Dress - Nosferatu in Blood
Violent Seduction

Sceptre/Crown - Lolita Sceptre/Crown in Silver/Red
Violent Seduction