Nov 24, 2013

So, I'm curious to know how many of you prefer to see more photos over a post/credits in the blogs you follow? I did less this time as you can see, but I usually upload the pictures that didn't make it to the blog post in my flickr. Should I keep it like this and upload the rest to flickr? Or just keep doing what I normally do? Let me know! I may just do more for some posts, depending on my mood and how much I like the outcome of them! 

Anyway, so we got a call from the guy for the place we're renting, starting next month.. we were going to start moving in on the 30th and help him clean up the place from the previous renters, originally (since we kind of forced him into accepting us, haha not really), but it turns out the closing for the house the previous renters of the place were buying didn't close like they thought it would, so they decided to stay in the town house until Thanksgiving (or possibly the very last minute, which is the 30th, it sounds like). Do last minute things stress you out? They stress me out for sure! We may have to stay in a hotel for a day since we need to be out of this place by the 30th. After that, we'll be moving into our new home sweet home! I can't wait. Now excuse me while I run off to TSG to look at their new lipsticks..

Outfit Goodies:
Top - Holy Pink Shirt

Pants - Chalk Jeans

Shoes - Olycena Bow Pumps in Petal Pink @ Shoetopia

Photos taken at Bonne Chance.