Dec 11, 2013

Hey my lovely blog viewers! We have snow on the ground and it's sticking this time.. blek! Is it snowing where you are? Is it beginning to look a lot like Christmas? So I bought a new Christmas tree for my Second Life land which I thought was really cute. Originally I was looking for the one by Apple Fall, but couldn't seem to find it.. Sad face! This outfit was inspired by my love of decorative crosses (I also love skulls, **and Hello Kitty** but I haven't really found any skull related clothes I like yet). This outfit is on sale on the marketplace since it's a promo currently! If you like it, pick it up before the price goes up!

..Anyway, so, I noticed a significant and rapid amount of incoming pageviews yesterday due to the post I made, (over.. 100 in one day out of the blue..!?) and wondered where they came from, but now I'm almost 100% certain I know. I thought I would share another post on the topics of things that have kept me from blogging this past month and then leave it at that, since you all seem to be interested in what I have to say.

I'm not the kind of person to hide my opinion if I feel that they need to be expressed, and no one will keep me from doing it just because they don't like how I think or are too afraid to confront people themselves. When I am thankful for something, I try my best to express gratitude the best way I can; no matter how big or small the things are that are offered or given to me. I do not feel that it needs to be said or expressed repeatedly to become sincere gratitude, or to have the amount of money spent on me in the process to be slammed in my face repeatedly, or to be told that I am ungrateful for anything due to petty arguments that really have nothing to do with my gratitude at all. It is childish and extremely unfair. All of this had started from an opinion expressed by another party, and then from my own point of view in return. If you are going to say you're allowed to say what you want, then surely it's not wrong of me to expect that I may do the same, regardless of if the opinion is disliked or disagreed upon. Otherwise, I -will- view you as a hypocrite. How is it fair to give your opinion then tell me that I'm not allowed to express mine as well? 

To claim to see into the eyes of others when refusing to acknowledge any side but your own, you will never understand the hypocrisy of your words or your twisted view of the outside world. You can't see into anyone's eyes whose opinion you refuse to acknowledge because you disagree with it. Infact, the only one's eyes you can see through, are -your own-. You can choose to live in a world where you always think you're right and refuse to see otherwise even when it's pointed out, or you can acknowledge that we are all imperfect beings, that you are wrong a lot, that you make mistakes just as much as I do, and to learn from it; to acknowledge the existence of other people and their opinions, without disrespecting and insulting them or the person behind them.

The experience I have gained, and the lessons I've learned these past couple of months will stick with me for life, no matter what they are; regardless of the figure behind them being removed from my life. I have learned a lot within the past month from myself and the one who I once called my 'friend'; most of which were negative, but not entirely. I have become stronger than who I was before. I'm on the road to getting myself where I need to go. And you can be sure no one is going to bring me down! Especially not someone like that.

With that, lovelies, I will speak no more! Happy Holidays, and I hope you enjoy the post! ♥

Outfit Goodies:

Shoes: Olycena Bow Pumps in Pitch

**My Christmas tree is from LAQ Decor!**