Dec 13, 2013

Hi all! It's that time of year again.. the time to start piling on those layers of clothing to look like a penguin.. It's also that time of year for cuddling with your loved one under lots of warm blankets. It's really cold outside! So that's just what I did with this look; earmuffs, coat, boots and all! Check! I'm totally ready for the bitter winter that slowly approaches. Are you?

Today I come bearing some new items for the Frost Fair event by Rokumeikan! This event starts on the 15th of December, in which these adorable items will be displayed from Room of Amo! I always get excited to announce new releases from Amo. ^ v^ / ♪

For more information on the Frost Fair and what shops will be participating in this event, feel free to check out RMK's blog! I can say for sure that I will be taking pictures when I get there, I always love what they do with their sim for events! I look forward to seeing you there!

Outfit Goodies:
Eyes: Freya Eyes in Brown

Ear Muffs: Ear Muffs in Cream **gacha**

Lipgloss: Angel Lipstick in Nude NT (for Medium; Tone B&D TSG skins)

Coat: Courage Coat
Room of Amo @ Frost Fair LINK

Dress: Amitie Knit Dress
Room of Amo @ Frost Fair

Boots: Cherie Boots
Room of Amo @ Frost Fair

Pictures taken at Winter Holiday Village.