Dec 15, 2013

Hey loves! It's the weekend, yay! Yesterday I totally finished watching the anime Gurren Lagann at my sister's. It basically threw logic out the window and made me question a lot of things, however it was still great overall. I'm not one to watch anime often, but sometimes they hit closer to home than you expect. It was really motivational, that's for sure. Nothing is impossible if you put your mind to it! If I wasn't already pumped for things like that, it would have completely changed my life.

Today is a new lolita release! Honestly? I could not wait to show you guys this dress! You can never have too many lolita dresses in your inventory, especially if they're well made (and original) like Pepper's. I know I haven't been doing many lolita blog posts, but the truth is, I just haven't been inspired to make any lately. I think I've sort of grown out of dressing my avatar cutesy and begun to move towards sexy for the most part, but I may do a couple cute looks with lolita for Christmas!

Anyway, so let me tell you about this dress! Royal Star comes with a hat, socks, AND a blouse all in one box, so you can create that complete outfit look. Or I suppose, if you get the fatpack you can mix and match the colors! It's also rigged mesh and 100% made by Pepper herself. If there's one thing I love about Pepper's items, it's that she makes the mesh and textures herself. Talk about talented! I chose to show off the dress in green to show my holiday spirit! Right now the dress is only available in the Violent Seduction main store, but it will also be available at the Gothmas by Gaslight event starting today (tonight?)! It's not an exclusive for the event however, so you have no need to rush to get it from there~ 

Outfit Goodies:
Skin: Snowflake in A Tone **Nov '13 VIP Gift**

Eyelashes: Feathery Black Lashes
The Sugar Garden

Eyeliner: {Liner} 5

Lipstick: Subtle Popsicle Gloss in Watermelon

Crown: Storybook Royalty: Briar Rose Crown **RARE**
Schadenfreude @ The Arcade 

Hair: Never in Blonde 07 **no longer available**

Blouse: Lolita Blouse in Red

Dress/Socks: Royal Star Dress in Green
Violent Seduction @ Gothmas by Gaslight

Shoes: Bow Strap Shoes "Kate" in Red

Pictures taken at Neva Sky Villi.