Dec 16, 2013

Hey my little holiday pals! It's almost break for those of you who go to school, is it not? I bet you're excited! I'm excited too! Not for school to end of course, since I don't attend school. I hope it shows with this outfit as Christmas continues to creep up on us all!

With Christmas approaches, my outfits will get crazier! .. Maybe not, but they'll still be very Christmasy. This one is particularly crazier than what I usually do, but I had a blast doing it. And it's lolita! And you all know how much I love lolita. This dress is a brand new release from Blue Blood, the bag is katat0nik's new group gift, the nails are also new from Witches and Rats, and last but not least, the hair is also new, from Truth! So, I've got a lot of new things that I'm showing off for you! Hope you guys enjoy this post and go pick up the new stuff for yourselves~

Outfit Goodies:
Antlers: Holiday Antlers

Hair: Coral **NEW**

Eye makeup: Night Makeup in Green Eyes

Lips: Subtle Popsicle Gloss in Lime

Ring: Christmas Star Mesh Ring **Gift for Lolita Haven group**

Nails: Pretty Snowflakes **NEW**
Witches and Rats

Blouse: Lolita Blouse in Green

Dress: Nerea in Red **NEW**

Purse: Candy Purse **Dec Group Gift**

Stockings: Ruffle Socks in White **tinted**

Shoes: Platform Shoes "Rosette" in Red
G Field

Pictures taken at Mad City Christmas.