Jan 4, 2014

Hey all! Can you believe I've been blogging almost half a year already? Time sure flies. So, I've been busy decorating my land the past couple of days.. since I got some cute stuff from Oh My Gacha by ionic! I go insane for their furniture, especially when it's in gacha form. It always gives me some inspiration. You can bet that was directly where I headed when I hopped into Chapter Four today. Sadly though, that was about all I saw that I wanted. Does anyone else miss summer yet? I'm sure I'm not one of the only people to miss that warm summer breeze and the beautiful flowers. Lula (Tres Blah's sim) reminded me of that when I took a stroll and found some pretty scenery. Although it's more autumn than summer there, it still reminded me of the weather I miss so dearly!

Today's post is one of Blue Blood's new dress releases that come in 5 different colors! Does it look kind of renaissance-y to you? Or maybe I'm just a princess.. -laugh- That's the look I was trying to achieve for this post, anyway. And may I just say, I love each and every texture Ghanima makes for her dresses, it really helps them stands out in the crowd with the originality of them, especially since they're hand-made. It makes me all giddy and googly eyed when I see hand-made stuff! This dress also has some super sexy curves, which is realistic and beautiful. A corset that's done so beautifully deserves such praise. And the way it moves when you walk.. It's like you're floating on air.. You'll just have to buy it yourself to see it.

Outfit Goodies:
Skin: Sora <Peach> - Flushed
Pink Fuel

Hair: Mindy in Reds01

Dress: Symbol in Blue NEW
Blue Blood

Wrist Cuffs: Wristwraps in Blue NEW
deviousMind @ Oh My Gacha

Photos taken at Lula.