Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Hii lovelies! Today is a new release from CHaRM called Shoot Me Valentine! It's a cutesy outfit complete with a box of sweetheart candies and an arrow in your back that will surely satisfy your need for a Valentine's Day outfit. Also before I forget, Magika is having a 50L sale on her newest hairs (not older ones, sorry!) for the HUD03 sets until the 17th (18th? I can't remember at the moment)! She's made brand new colors for them and since she doesn't have a redelivery system, she just went ahead and marked down the price for everyone. Although I would much prefer to just have a new copy sent (I don't believe I had actually bought any of the HUD03 sets before this, though) I think this is pretty generous considering her hair packs are normally 250L each. And you get a large variety of colors! So why not go stop by Magika and pick them up? 

So I just got a call from my little sister in the middle of taking pictures for this blog post, something that's making me worry.. It turns out things are not okay, unfortunately. I will explain at a later time because I need to get my head together.

Outfit Goodies:
Mega boots black

[03] Many ON SALE

Eyes :: metallic liner - red

Lips :: Dolly Lips - Bitten VIP GIFT

E.inK ~ six free poses

Shoot me Valentine NEW