Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Hey lovelies! It's been really warm out here lately, which I'm super thankful for (although my boyfriend despises warm weather.. how dare he!), considering how long winter lasted. It was also pretty rainy and humid for a couple of weeks. Seems like it's started to come back again, too. 

Today's outfit is pretty simple, and the post is as well.. I know! I'm wearing my go-to-the-beach gear~ Which, actually.. if you knew me irl you'd know I would probably never be seen at the beach because I'm terribly afraid of water. I can't even stand to swim in pools. Let alone would I be seen in a bikini! Haha. Anyway. This outfit is packed with tons of mintttt. You know I love mint. I hope you enjoy!

Outfit of the Day:

{ Accessories }
Necklace :: Bat Necklace - Pastel ! {Group Gift!}

Nails :: Mini Sorbet - Slink Nails {Group Gift!}

{ Clothing }
Bikini :: Cute Bikini - Mint
{PixelGeek} {Ho Depot}

{ Miscellaneous }
Hair :: Sachiko Mesh Hair - Chocolate
/Wasabi Pills/

Feet :: Signature Sandals - black {for SLINK flat feet!}

Skin :: Harper TDRF *doux* blonde {with Phat Azz/SLINK appliers!}

{ Poses }
{Imeka} Kirsty - Pose Pack