May 31, 2014

Happy last day of May lovelies! Holy crap, a blog post from Saka so soon? Yep! You betcha. I was too excited last night when Runa (the owner of PANTSU*HUNTER) asked me to blog for her, so I made this outfit out of the items she gave me this afternoon! I couldn't resist the purply/black shades, so I made one out of those colors. They go really well with Chop Shop's newest eye set too. I am in love with the horns and garters for this outfit! *o* I definitely look forward to what else she has in store!~

Outfit of the Day:

{ Accessories }
Collar :: Chained Hearts Collar - Black

Earrings :: Doll Earrings - Purple
{Witches&Rats} {Suicide Dollz}

Horns :: cornua horns galaxy .black.

Nails :: {romance me} purple <3 RARE GACHA

{ Clothing }
Dress :: lunaris .midnight. NEW RELEASE
PANTSU*HUNTER {Fit for a Princess}

Stockings :: lace socks & garter .noire. {with Azz/SLINK applier}

{ Miscellaneous }
Blush :: MakeUp Blush 01

Eyes :: Universe in Your Eyes 1
!Chop Shop!

Hair :: Swirly (black)
Rosy Mood

Shoes :: Lolita Platforms - Black {For SLINK Mid Feet}

{ Poses }
THF-2014/ATELIER m+// Gift
{ C P } - Ai Dollarbie