Oct 9, 2014

Hey loveloves! I'm sorry I've been slightly inactive in my posting (though it's only been a couple days it feels like forever), but I recently got land again with my best friend! Yayy! :D We haven't had land in over a year now so it feels great to be able to call some place home. .. At least, it should be. I'm still without my own laptop for the time being and I've found that my boyfriend's has driver issues, so it keeps crashing the whole laptop randomly when I go places and it's made me pretty bummed. Let's hope it's not too long before my laptop is fixed up and ready to use.. Because if something's wrong with the hard drive I bought and it passes a month, well then.. I've got no laptop. I can't even take pics of the pretty new place we have.. All in due time, though, I will show you when I can!

So today I'm not showing too many new things, but I have this adorable collar by Altair for The Big Show, as well as this really lovely chair/table set by Myrrine and A.D.D.Andel's really yummy looking apple set for Candy Fair! Hope you guys enjoy, keep reading if you'd like to grab anything! Oh, and I have a song for you below too based on today's outfit name! Make sure you listen, because it's a good old tune. <3

Outfit of the Day:
{ Accessories }
Collar :: ALTAIR* hime collar .pink. {The Big Show} / NEW RELEASE
Crown Ring :: (Yummy) Cutie Crown - Pink
Earrings :: Blah. (My Cute Heart Earrings) Pink
Garter :: *MUKA* Garter Love
Glasses :: .tsg. Megane Classic - Pink *deco*
Hair Bow :: .tsg. Gigi Hairbow - Strawberry
Nails/Toes :: (*ANGELICA) SLINK NAIL POLISH "SWEET" #Candy-p {Candy Fair}
Phone :: .tsg. Keitai Smart Phone Sweets Decoden RARE
Princess Ring :: (Yummy) Princess Ring
Tiara Ring :: (Yummy) Lady Heart Tiara RIng - Pink
{ Clothing }
Dress :: ::{u.f.o}:: sailor chibi moon dress - pink
{ Deco/Poses }
Myrrine Gazebo
A.D.D.Andel! Candy Apple-Tray-Red {Candy Fair}
Myrrine cafe table pink (includes tea & macaroon sets!) {Candy Fair}
*EverGlow* Sweet Poses {Candy Fair}
{ Miscellaneous }
  Body :: Slink Physique Mesh Body V1.4
Brows :: .tsg. Baby Brow *tintable*
Eyeliner :: {Wicked} Peach - Kohl Eyeliner 6
Eyes :: [Buzz] Crystal Eyes - Pitch
Hair :: +Spellbound+ Junko // Unnatural Ombres & Dips
Shoes :: .tsg. Gigi Heels - Strawberry
Skin :: (*ANGELICA) MingMing :milktea: {Candy Fair}