Nov 21, 2014
Why look! Saka's making a second post tonight? Damn right she is. I learned a bunch of tips and tricks just a bit ago that I know a lot of bloggers use (honestly, they're pretty easy to find in google too, which is awesome. Anything you're curious about you should google! It dramatically improves the quality of your photos. You could always ask a blogger as well!), and for some reason, they don't overload my new PC! Which is incredibly awesome, because I planned to use my laptop when it gets fixed. Now I don't have to! :'D I'm still learning though, of course. Let's see how many times I can say awesome before I stop talking.. Just kidding.

Soo, tonight I am sharing some adorable new stuff! I really love how Sweet Thing's purse and shoes go great with katat0nik's new gorgeous fitted mesh gacha dress at Kawaii Project. That was kind of vague. But you'll see what I mean when you read the credits! Now back to rp-ing for me~

Outfit of the Day:
Dress :: *katat0nik* (Pastel - standard) Fitmesh Dress {Kawaii Project}
Ear Muffs :: -Buttery Toast- Toasty Ears - Pink {The Dressing Room} / COMING SOON
Eyes :: [ MUDSKIN ]_Dolly Eye_Gift
Hair :: TRUTH HAIR Sakura [Gingers]
Hair Clips :: Sweet Thing. Moon Clips {CosplaySL} / NEW
Mesh Head :: .tsg. Tsu Mesh Head X Tone
Nails :: alaskametro<3 polish - "Blossom" gloss
Purse :: Sweet Thing. Sweet Doll Bag (Pink) {Kawaii Project} / NEW
Ring :: Sweet Thing. Oops! Cookie Facebook Gift Ring - Double Berry
Shoes :: Sweet Thing. Sweet Doll Heels {Kawaii Project} / NEW
Stockings :: ~Cannibelle~ Big Stripe Stockings