Apr 15, 2015

Happy late night to all of you! I had a nice day today, bf came to see me after work with a couple of small gifts, one of which I'd been looking for for ages! Then he fell asleep on my lap which prevented me from getting ready to go out with my mom.. -laugh- So I got that done eventually and then I watched my mom play pool! Everyone there was pretty excellent at it, especially my mom's friend. She did well but she sold herself short and ended up losing to the guy she played against. A shame! I had fun watching other than when my neck and butt started cramping up from sitting in the same position in a chair for like.. 4.. 5? hours.. Anyway!

I wanted to do something simple, cute, and pastely! Of course I'm all about pastels lately aren't I? Well I'll tell you why, because within a couple of days, everything will be black! (for the most part) I mean that in the most .. nonmorbid way possible? The Black Fashion Fair is coming up on the 17th, which is when all of my black outfits will commence! I'm very excited because there's so many pretty things coming out. Enough babbling, though! Let me get to the credits. Then time to get back to Secret Garden! 

{ credits }

Armoire :: {what next} Morning Tea Armoire *tinted*
Blanket Box :: {what next} Morning Tea Blanket Box *tinted*
Blue Macaroon :: Myrrine macarone stool blue
Chandelier :: {what next} Morning Tea Chandelier (with roses)
Couch :: {what next} Room Envy Sofa (Pink)
Hatbox :: {what next} Morning Tea Hatbox Table *tinted*
Laptop :: {what next} Morning Tea Bed Laptop for owner  (REZ )
Pink Macaroon :: Myrrine macarone stool pink
Purple Macaroon :: Myrrine macarone stool purple
Rose Vase :: {what next} Morning Tea Vase
Rug :: {what next} Morning Tea Rug
Teacup Candle :: {what next}Morning Tea Teacup Candle

Dress :: Fawny - Spring Tenderness.Dress (Blue)
Hair :: +Spellbound+ Junko // Unnatural Ombres & Dips
Heels :: *Cila*Spring Heart Ankle Boots-baby pink @ On9 / NEW
Jacket :: *BOOM* After - Crop Jacket (blush)
Nails :: {Wicked} Peach - Mani/Pedi - Cocktails- On9
Necklace :: ALTAIR* daydream necklace .pink.
Rose Headband :: Pink Acid Roses In Spring Headband - Pale Pink RARE @ The Seasons Story / NEW
Skin :: (*ANGELICA) APRIL :latte: #6 girly pink RARE @ The Seasons Story
Wings :: Sweet Thing. & darkendStare Angelic Wings / COMING SOON for TAG! [4/17]