Apr 8, 2015

Hello~ How are all of you tonight? The weather's finally started to warm up a tad! I made a cute and colorful look for tonight, and a nice song to go with it! I actually managed to max out the number of attachments today, also, which sure surprised me. There's a first for everything, huh? Not to mention Pink Fuel released Maitreya appliers for her Doll V2 skin and I pretty much died on the spot. 

I'm a huge fan of Bi/Rain and this song really gets my spirits high, even if it didn't really need the boost because things are going fantastic. If you put your mind to it, you can really be anything you want or do anything you want. You shouldn't let anyone get you down or tell you what to do other than you because they don't know you like you know you. Chances are, those trying to get you down don't want you to succeed because they haven't succeeded themselves. The best way to deal with that kind of negativity is proving that you're more than that. Follow your dreams and do things for -you-! Prove those baddies wrong. Fighting spirit~ (I'm in the mood to watch a KDrama now.. -laughs-) 

{ credits }

Blue Jars :: -tb- Kitchen Basics - Cookie Jars (Blue)
Cake :: -tres blah- Soiree - Peach Cake
Candle :: AF Scented Candle (Jasmine)
Counters/Cupboards :: [Brixley] Mint Kitchen part 1
Cupcake Tray :: -tb- Tea Time - Cupcakes
Cupcake Trio :: Ariskea [ Little Austen ] Cupcake  [Eat me ] RARE
Cups :: 18.erratic / aea - stack of cups
Dish Stack :: -tb- Kitchen Basics - Plates 4
Donuts :: -tres blah- Soiree - Donuts
Food Tray :: -tres blah- Soiree - Pastries
Macaroon Deco :: -tb- Pastry Mania - Macarons 2
Pudding :: -tres blah- Soiree - Jello
Sunflowers :: -tb- Tea Time - Tin with Flowers
Tin :: 26.erratic / aea - darjeeling leaf tea box
Waffle Sticks :: erratic / home - waffle rolls
Wine :: -tres blah- Hodgepodge - Wine Duet

Bracelet :: .tsg. Unicute Charm Bracelet - Rainbow
Decora Bows (Bangs) :: Sweet Thing. Thanako Decora (Bangs) RARE @ Xiasumi / NEW
Decora Bows (Middle) :: Sweet Thing. Thanako Decora (Middle) RARE @ Xiasumi / NEW
Eyes :: [Buzz] Aura Eyes - Nebula
Garter :: *MUKA* Garter Love
Glasses :: .tsg. Mirai Glasses - Pink
Gloves :: Sweet Thing. Derby Girl Gloves - Slink Casual
Hair :: Sweet Thing. / [LCKY] Thanako - Pastel @ Xiasumi / NEW
Hair Bow :: Sweet Thing. Kittygiri Bow - Color Changing RARE @ Xiasumi / NEW
Nails :: alaskametro<3 SLINK nail polish applier - "Desert/Silver" Crackle - Rose @ anyBODY / NEW
Orange Icecream Ring :: .tsg. Ice Cream Scoop Ring - SherbertxSilver
Pink Icecream Ring :: .tsg. Ice Cream Scoop Ring - StrawberryxGold
Pose :: .mien. {Pyra}
Purse :: .tsg. Gigi Bag - Baby Blue
Shirt :: *Epic* Mesh Cute-Tee {Kawaii.00.PF}
Shoes :: ALTAIR* starry heels .light blue. @ The Seasons Story / NEW
Skirt :: *katat0nik* (lt rainbow) Tulle Skirt (mesh)
Skin :: [PF] Doll V2 <Crystal> - Pure [ Maitreya]
Socks :: .Atomic. Slouchy Knee Socks - Blush [Maitreya]
Sweater :: .tsg. Bite Me Sweater - Lavender 
Wings :: [LD2] Imp Wings