May 6, 2015
Hey my lovelies! May has been going by super fast, I can't believe there's only 5 days until my 25th birthday. Originally, this outfit was not really meant to be emotional (or have a lack of emotion even), but I suppose because of what I've been going through for quite a while, it does represent it to an extent.

I'm a very reserved person most of the time, and my emotions tend to be locked up inside of me for the fear of hurting others. Especially if I need to speak my mind. A lot of my feelings have been repressed for years and haunt me to this day. When these feelings do finally come out, it turns into a huge wave of something deep and dark and leaves me feeling depressed but also with a lack of emotion. I've begun to notice my lack of empathy when it comes to certain situations that continue to happen, and sometimes I fear myself for that lack of feeling, but I also can't help but be thankful for it as well. I suppose there's a point in our life that when we get so used to something negative or awful happening, it makes us grow numb and too tired to care about it. Perhaps we really are some sort of demon. Or maybe that's just me. -laughs-

Anywho! I apologize for something so different than usual. There's lots of goodies and as I promised before, new things from Oneword! Which is also kind of why I decided to share a bit of my darkness, considering that's the word for this round. Don't forget that it ends in just 9 days, so be sure to head over there if you haven't yet and grab the goodies. I hope you enjoy the look for today~

{ credits }

Boots :: Goth1c0: Little Cementery Boots @ Dark Style Fair / NEW
Dress :: {VINCUE} ~ Koha+Dress
Eyes :: *katat0nik* Blackout Eye @ Oneword
Face Tattoo :: .ARISE. Bonjo Facetattoo @ Oneword
Garter :: Sweet Thing. Lilac Pentagram Trick Garter
Hair :: [KoKoLoReS] Hair - Fleur @ We <3 Rp / NEW
Hair Bow :: +Spellbound+ Adored Bow
Mask :: Pink Acid Caged Umpire  Mask - Black Knit @ Dark Style Fair / NEW
Nails :: Bella Elephante - Darkness Nails @ Oneword
Phone Bag :: Dear Deer Call Me Bag [London 3] @ FamouStation
Pistol Ring :: :FY: Bang Bang Ring (black) @ Gangsta Fair
Pose :: .mien. {dark wings} 03 @ Oneword
Stockings :: -SU!- Nylon Tights Ombre MONOCHROME
Wings :: Sweet Thing. & darkendStare Disgraced Angelic Wings

Photo taken at Umbral Photography.