Jul 22, 2015

The years go by quickly, but I'll still think of you each and every day as if you were still here on earth. I still remember your voice, your smile, and your hugs. But one day, I'll join you there in the clouds, so until then.. please wait for me. I'll see you again some day. Until then, I hope you'll keep watching over me from above. Hey my little beauties. I'm sorry if that made anyone a little emotional. When we lose someone, we're always afraid of forgetting what they look like or sound like, but the truth is.. however long they spent with us makes a lasting impression, and it will be there a lifetime. Cherish every moment you have with your loved ones, because you never know when they (or you) will be gone. </3 Don't live your life with regrets.

Tonight I have new stuff for you, from elephante poses and Che Bella as well as a pretty skirt and persocom ears for Manga Fair, so let me get to the credits!

{ credits }

Book :: //elephante poses// The Dreamer - Imagine Book RARE {The Epiphany} / NEW
Bracelet :: #FF Cleopatra Bracelet Stack (Platinum)
Choker :: Blah. (My Donut Choker) Strawberry *
Clouds/Ladder :: //elephante poses// The Dreamer - Dream Cloud RARE {The Epiphany} / NEW
Dreamer Deco :: //elephante poses// The Dreamer - Dreamer *Light Pink* {The Epiphany} / NEW
Earrings :: Che Bella // Cutie Charm Earrings - Heart 1 {Cosmopolitan} / NEW
Ears :: Lamp*Light - Gentle Android Ears {Manga Fair} / NEW
Eyes :: .tsg. Mori Eyes - Dark Brown (big shine)
Hair :: [DUE] Breeze - Ombre 1
Lips :: (*ANGELICA) MingMing CANDY LIP #5 (light)
Pink Balloon :: //elephante poses// The Dreamer - Balloon *Light Pink* {The Epiphany} / NEW
Ribbon :: *Cila*Cutie Love Bandage baby pink {Manga Fair} / NEW
Skirt :: :Moon Amore: Sabrina Skirt {Manga Fair} / NEW
Top :: :Moon Amore: Summerland Top
White Balloon :: //elephante poses// The Dreamer - Balloon *White* {The Epiphany} / NEW