Aug 3, 2015
Sometimes things in life are meant to happen, but it doesn't mean you can't take the initiative to walk away from people who do you harm. Over the past few months I've been deep in thought about something that happened not that long ago, and I've finally decided that it's best to just walk away because things are definitely not going to change in the situation. I'm not going to forgive, and I'm certainly not going to forget, because I've earned that right and I shouldn't feel bad about feeling that way. I'm going to take a big step, be brave and step away altogether. I think it's about time I was at peace with myself and enjoy the little circle of friends I have who cherish my friendship. A lot of signs are pointing me in this direction anyhow, and I shouldn't ignore it.

I'm sorry again for taking another few days off although I'm sure you don't mind. I've been severely busy and haven't even been on my laptop in at least 3 days. I also injured my leg, but it's starting to get better already, it just feels very heavy when I try to move it certain ways. I also had a little difficulty trying to come up with something, but I didn't want to just not blog any of these goodies. Keep reading for credits and have a great day!

{ credits }

Eyes :: [UMEBOSHI] Pearly brown eyes / FREE
Hair :: [^.^Ayashi^.^] Kazuko hair {Gacha Garden} / NEW
Headphones :: [Black Bantam] Whipped Frosting Headphones - Pnk&Blu {Gacha Garden} / NEW
Lollipop Hairpin :: *Cila*Lollipop hairpin 01 RARE {Gacha Garden} / NEW
Pomeranian :: [Black Bantam] Vu The Pomeranian Collared - Blonde RARE {Gacha Garden} / NEW
Ring :: Pink Acid Whipped Ice Cream Ring - Cotton Candy W
Suspender Skirt :: *+RH+* Sweetheart Suspender Skirt [baby blue]
Top :: Foxes -  Midrift Tee  - VIP / FREE
Wings :: Che Bella // Moth's Treasure SOI {Gacha Garden} / NEW