Sep 16, 2015

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Morning! I feel so good today. :D It also feels like it's the weekend already! I guess it might as well be since my mom and stepdad are going away for a week in a couple of days! PARTY ALL DAY EVERY DAY. Just kidding, I am totally not a party person at all. The most I'll probably do is have my sister come stay with me. I look forward to it either way! Having a quiet house is refreshing every once in a while.

I've got the last bit of what I bought from C88 save one or two things that I'll try to get around to, and I wanted to do a witchy outfit again because.. why not? Halloween's only a month and then some away. I'm probably more excited about dressing up for it online, since I usually don't do anything irl anymore. -laughs- I'm still in love with these naked cats by Birdy by the way. Could you tell? Hope you enjoy the look today~

{ credits }

Books :: -tres blah- Eclectic Collection - Charmed Books {The Arcade}
Floor Glitter :: [ keke ] glitter floor
Incense Deco :: uK - Charmed Parlor Planchette Burner {C88}
Magnifying Set :: Pure Poison - Magnifier Linked {C88}
Planchette Deco :: uK - Charmed Parlor Planchette Boxes {C88}
Stove :: dust bunny . wood stove . black {The Arcade}
Table :: 07/.a. DIY Love Potion - Table {Black} {The Arcade}
Wine Case :: Jian :: Wine Case
Witch Deco :: Soy. Essentials of Witchcraft {C88}

Cat :: Birdy - Hocus Pocus - Mr. Bigglesworth - Hold -  Grey {The Arcade}
Dress :: Foxes - The Craft - Skull {C88}
Earrings :: .Keystone. Occult Earrings - Onyx
Eye Makeup :: < nova > Skylar Eyeshadow { oo1 }
Eyes :: (*ANGELICA) YOONA EYES #brown {Kawaii Project} . NEW
Garter :: Howl - garter belt gun holster 4 {The Arcade}
Hair :: [DUE] Edita - Ombre 10
Lips :: < nova > Jude { oo1 }
Nails :: DP - Koffin Nails - Slink Nails - Pure Romance Frosted {ELotN: AGWA} . NEW
Necklace :: JianJAM :: Sassy Necklace . NEW
Pose :: ::MM:: Formal Pose Pack
Shoes :: Goth1c0: 666 Heels {Suicide Dollz} . NEW
Stockings :: AviCandy - Torn Fishnet Style 3
Winged Anklets :: {Scene} Dark Angel