Sep 13, 2015

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Heyy loves! It was SO COLD OUT TODAY. I don't even know where that coldfront came from.. makes me a little sad to see summer wither away so quickly. I do hope we have something left of it before it's gone! I wanted to do something a little sensual today, and this was the result. ;D I hope you enjoy~

{ credits }

Bed :: Scarlet Creative The Arcade Carriage Day Bed
Collar :: ALTAIR* hime collar .pink.
Corset :: ALTAIR* rosabelle corset .candy. {GEN Neutral} / NEW
Cross Pasties :: Sweet Thing. Candy Cross Pasties - Strawberry
Ears :: ALTAIR* fluffy ears
Egg Ring :: .tsg. Egg Ring Heart - Pink
Eyes :: (*ANGELICA) MEI-MEI EYES #ghana sweet
Hair :: [^.^Ayashi^.^] Aime hair {Body Mod Expo} / NEW
Hair Flower :: .tsg. Rose Accessory - Pink
Harness :: ALTAIR* babydoll harness .pink.
Lashes :: Pink Acid Mascara Star Clumper Eyelashes {Body Mod Expo} / NEW
Lips :: (*ANGELICA) LACQUER ROUGE #pink (lt)
Panties/Stockings :: antielle. Gluttony Garter&Stockings Set (Rose)
Teeth :: Cain - Realistic Vampire fangs
Wrist Cuffs :: ALTAIR* Master's pet - sweet cuffs RARE