Oct 17, 2015

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We bust out the glitter and make it rain.. well, glitter! So Inus messaged me the other day and we ended up shopping and then she found a nice new house and we spent last night decorating it! And we also went to the Pastel Goth Fair and figured it would be awesome to do a post together for it. :D

..This is basically the result of what happens when you provide her with glitter or even just mention it to her, she vomits it everywhere. xDD ♥ We had a lot of fun setting up this post for you guys, and what a way for her to make a come back after her hiatus! I haven't done a friend pic in a while and it was pretty refreshing! Welcome back Inus!

{ credits }

Black Umbrella || {Runa} umbrella black .::Cubic Cherry Kre-ations:.. {pastel goth fair} . new~
Blue Umbrella || {Runa} umbrella sky .::Cubic Cherry Kre-ations:.. {pastel goth fair} . new~
Glitter || [ keke ] star glitter [tinted to pink, black, purple]
Green Umbrella || {Runa} umbrella mint .::Cubic Cherry Kre-ations:.. {pastel goth fair} . new~
Ladder || //elephante poses// The Dreamer - Dream Cloud RARE
Pink Umbrella || {Runa} umbrella pinku .::Cubic Cherry Kre-ations:.. {pastel goth fair} . new~
Purple Umbrella || {Runa} umbrella lilac .::Cubic Cherry Kre-ations:.. {pastel goth fair} . new~

Choker || REIGN.- Tattoo Choker- Dark MoonStone
Earrings || JianJAM :: Alfhild Earrings
Eyes || (*ANGELICA) SWEET EYES #cyan
Hair || .EMBW. Vanlanthiriel Hair {pastel goth fair} . new~
Heels || FP EMILY Platform Shoes Lilac {pastel goth fair} . new~
Mint Garter || Dear Deer Winged Garter Mint
Nails || PANTSU*HUNTER Glitter Rush Slink
Pose || [addme.] FG201509(Friends/Unisex) - Cosmo3rdAnniv. . free~
Purple Garter || Dear Deer Winged Garter Lavender
Ring || :Z.S: Vix Hybrid Ring {pastel goth fair} . new~
Skull Headband || Astralia - Cute Bones Headpiece {pastel goth fair} . new~
Stockings || ALTAIR* Droopy Eyes {pastel goth fair} . new~
Sweater || Sweet Thing. Runyan Hoodie {pastel goth fair} . new~ 
Top || .AUTOPSY.Top B - Combo Top 1.2

If you want to see what Inus is wearing, visit her new blog and follow her while you're there! <3