Oct 21, 2015

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I've been giving myself breaks here and there so I don't go crazy with my blog posts again. I've also been a tad busy, so I suppose that keeps me from blogging every day as well. I've not too much to say this time, but I hope you enjoy! Most of this is Pastel Goth Fair goodies~Aaand hope you all have a good night/morning!

{ credits }

Blue/Purple Wall Tentacle || BananaN Kawaii wall tentacle Purple {pastel goth fair} . new~
Glitter || [ keke ] star glitter
Hourglass || BananaN Star gacha hourglass
Pink/Purple Wall Tentacle || BananaN Kawaii wall tentacle Pink {pastel goth fair} . new~
Rug || BananaN Star gacha Star rug
Star Clock || BananaN Star gacha Clock
Star Lamp || BananaN Star gacha wall lamp
Stool/Table || BananaN Star gacha Table/Stool RARE
Table Shelf || BananaN Star gacha little table shelf

Angelic Doge || Sweet Thing. & darkendStare - Plopped Moogie Corgi {TAG} . new~
Antlers || +Half-Deer+ Noire Antlers - Lunatic's Charms {TAG}
Collar || (*ANGELICA) FREAKS BOW COLLAR #Dandy {gacha carnival} . new~
Dress || [Modern.Couture] Clothing - Matilde Purple Dress {pastel goth fair} . new~
Hair Bow || DirtyStories. Eyeball Hair Bow {pastel goth fair} . new~
Hair || [LCKY] Tristan . group gift~
Lips || {aii} + Geisha's Kiss Black +
Nails || Goth1c0: Urban Nails
Necklace || ALTAIR* crystalized necklace {kawaii project} . new~
Pose || (*ANGELICA) IDOL #7
Ring || :Z.S: Vix Hybrid Ring {pastel goth fair} . new~
Star Hairband || [CX] Star Flight Hairband - Black
Stockings || *HolliPocket* What Does The,Say-Muave {Witchy Hour Hunt}
Wings || Sweet Thing. & darkendStare - Plush Moogie Wings {TAG} . new~