Oct 8, 2015

 « the witch's lair »
Hey loves! Yesterday's picture was so not up to par to what I can do and I feel really bad about it. I really just wanted to take a shot in that area with all of the pretty crystals, and it just wouldn't come out well no matter what I did. I hope you enjoy today's much more! I had a lot of fun especially because I've been dying to wear these items that are coming out for The Epiphany from Runa and Helli very soon! They're so freaking cute I could die happy! And of course I topped it off with the new gift by Magika, I'm sure you've seen it many times over by now! So many creative ideas out there that inspired me to get my own out. <3 Hope you enjoy!

{ credits }

Cuffs || ALTAIR* spike cuffs .black. {the epiphany}
Dress || ALTAIR* bat queen dress .black. RARE {the epiphany} 
Eyes || .tsg. Sleepy Silver
Garter || ALTAIR* magica garter {sanarae}
Glasses || .tsg. Shy Megane - Black *deco*
Hair || Magika Updates Gift - Sorcery . gift~
House/Scenery || Trompe Loeil - Le Fay Cottage Garden Base
Nails/Toes || .Atomic. {Nails} Witchcraft 2 - Slink
Necklace || ALTAIR* cross collar .black. {the epiphany}
Pose || -Lalochezia- The Beat Dies 3
Shoes || ALTAIR* strap heels .black x silver. - Slink Mid
Well || Jian :: Wishing Well {we <3 rp} . new~
Wings || darkendStare. jabberwocky wings [black/black] (plain)