Nov 1, 2015

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Hey all! Yesterday was a blast, though we really didn't do much other than go to my sister's and dress up. Sometimes even small things can be fun! I had fun dressing up with my bf and hanging out, also they actually got trick-or-treaters this year. Quite a bit of them! Which is .. 100% more than last year, since they don't normally get any at all. I posted pictures on my plurk incase you want to see what I looked like! What did you all go as?

Today's just a simple look to basically wind down from all the Halloween hype. Pomeranians are my favorite breed of dog, and some day I hope to own one. <3 Jian made me suuper happy. since if I can't have one irl at the moment, I can at least have them in SL! They're animated, since you can't see that in the pic. Aren't they adorable? You can play the machine at the Gacha Garden, which just opened up today! The sweatshirts, chinchillas and hair/neck accessories are also for the event. :D

{ credits }

Black Pom || Jian Puff Pups :: Black Puff {gacha garden} . new~
Chair || ~BAZAR~ Paris - Armchair
Flowers || ~BAZAR~ Paris - Flowers
Side Table || ~BAZAR~ Paris - Side table
Sleeping Pom || Jian Puff Pups :: Sleepy Puff RARE {gacha garden} . new~

Tray || Jian :: Cocoa Tray
White Pom || Jian Puff Pups :: White Puff {gacha garden} . new~

Boots || Goth1c0: Heavy Duty Boots
Chinchilla || Sweet Thing. Princess Chi Chinchilla {gacha garden} . new~
Collar || -Nomi-Meow Meow Heart Collar-pink {gacha garden} . new~
Dicku/Kitties/Mahou Pins || ALTAIR* pins |.kitties. .dicku. .mahou.| . gift~
Garter || Sweet Thing. Little Coven Garter
Glasses || ::C'est la vie !:: Heart Glasses . gift~
Hair || [^.^Ayashi^.^] Zelda hair {tfc} . new~
Headband || -Nomi-Meow Meow Cat Ears-pink {gacha garden} . new~
Stockings || PANTSU*HUNTER joestar stockings
Sweater || ALTAIR* aya sweater .hentai black. {gacha garden} . new~