Dec 2, 2015

It sure is getting cold out here.. Time to bundle up and stay warm so you don't end up like my avatar from standing out in the cold. I should probably be inside drinking hot cocoa rather than snapping a pic. -laughs- It's actually not TOO cold irl, well at least not cold enough for snow- it's still in the mid 40s here.

Oh! and just to clarify, no I am not an albino today. Of course there's nothing wrong with them, I've just noticed a huge trend on flickr lately and wanted to say I'm not joining the bandwagon, as nice as everyone looks. D; Winter Trend SL is starting up on the 4th and I wanted to do a theme of "frostbitten" and I thought white eyelashes went well with it. I had a lot of fun with the look, and I think you guys will enjoy the event when it starts!

{ credits }

Brows || + Tintable Brows  IV + {aii}
Claws || ieQED talon.ring.set.obsidian
Collar || =Zenith=High Elf Lace Collar
Companion Deer || Fawny - Winter Wonderland.Deer -  Companion - RARE {the arcade} . new~
Deer || Fawny - Winter Wonderland.Relaxing/Frisky/Standing Deer - Decor {the arcade} . new~
Dress || [Cynful] Silhouette Dress - Maitreya Lara {winter trend} . starts dec 4th!
Earrings || Persefona Snowflake Earrings {winter trend} . starts dec 4th!
Eyeliner || .EMBW. Snow Eyeliners Set 5 {winter trend} . starts dec 4th!
Eyes || Clemmm - Cornea Transplant -Concave-
Eye Tattoo || + Fallen Liner Tattoo + {aii}
Fur Stoll || SinfulSky-Fur_Neckpiece_wChains(white-gold) {winter trend} . starts dec 4th!
Garter || *MUKA* Garter Love
Gold Fawn || E. Crystal Fawn (Sunny) {winter trend} . starts dec 4th!
Hair || [KoKoLoReS] Hair - Delaney {we <3 rp} . starts dec 4th!
Headband || Persefona Frozen Flower Headband (winter) [free!] {winter trend} . starts dec 4th!
Heels || -Pixicat- Unicorn.Heel (BlackWhite)
Horns || E. White Speckled Horns GOLD {the alchemy} . new~
House || dust bunny . poppy cottage . RARE {the arcade}
Lashes || //LovelyAlien//StarryEyelashes <Tintable>
Lips || + Geisha's Kiss Silver + {aii}
Nose Snowflake || Persefona Fnowflake on nose {winter trend} . starts dec 4th!
Pose || HelaMiyo_Runway_01 {winter trend} . starts dec 4th!
Ring || .:E.A.Studio:. Opal Snake Ice Ring Silver {winter trend} . starts dec 4th!
Skin || .tsg. Luna :: A tone :: Bust :: NoBrow :: NT - Toned Body
Snow in Hand || Persefona Snow on Hand {winter trend} . starts dec 4th!
Stockings || antielle. Baroque Corset Stockings in Bone
White Fawn || E. Crystal Fawn (Snow) ULTRARARE {winter trend} . starts dec 4th!