Jul 3, 2016

 「kaze no uta」
Greetings lovelies. <3 I keep feeling like I'm falling behind but somehow I'm keeping up and doing posts with plenty of time to spare. I stayed up late anyway to get this post started so I would remember to find a certain kind of place to take the picture! And then I just kinda went ahead and took the picture.. and edited it.. and then I obviously wrote all this in ahead of time because I'm silly like that.

This beautiful kimono is available for the Japonica event! If you love seeing me in a kimono, don't worry.. I've got more coming. :D Maybe not tomorrow to keep the themes separate, but they will definitely be coming since Ambrosia is also coming out with some kimono! (Not for Japonice, you'll see later!) Hope you enjoy~ The photo was taken at Shinzen Japanese Garden!

{ credits }

Eyes | [Buzz] Crystal Eyes - Sapphire
Geta | [CX] Kage Geta ( Original )
Hair | [LCKY] Sugarmoon {crystal heart} . new~
Jar | {vespertine} stardust jar.
Kimono | *:..Silvery K..:*KIMONO(Summer Wind) {japonica} . new~