Jul 4, 2016

Hello~ My internet's been a huge pain the past few days. I'm thinking about asking my mom to call the internet company, because this isn't the first time it's happened (unfortunately) and resetting the net only makes the issue worse somehow? I don't even understand how that works. Ontop of that I had clothes in the dryer since the night before and kept wondering why they hadn't dried yet, despite putting them in a total of three times. Well I caught it at the near end of the last cycle and noticed it wasn't moving the clothes around. Sooo.. the dryer might be broken. It did outlive the last washer we had here though, so I guess it might be at its end? -laugh- Somehow everything my mom has lasts a long time and then breaks so suddenly. Or dies, like her angelfish.. who lived at least 6 years. Pretty amazing, isn't it? I never knew a fish could live that long. Ahem.. anyway!

I kinda got the look from Sailor Mercury (and the title)! She's actually not my favorite sailor, but she's very pretty! The cute top and skirt are at the Crystal Heart Festival as are the wings! The hair is for Gacha Guardians and the shoes are for Crossroads, a new event from the creators who made Shiny Shabby! Hope you enjoy. :D

{ credits } 

Boots/Stockings | fri.day - Lulu.Booties (Mint) [tinted] {crossroads} . new~
Collar | ALTAIR* nyan choker .blue.
Eyeliner | .ARISE. Glitter Liner / Blue
Garters | Sweet Thing. Giftwrap Garters Sky
Hair | [^.^Ayashi^.^] Mili hair {gacha guardians} . new~
Nails | .Atomic. {Nails} Bright Skies - Slink
Prop | SallieLanguage/Crystal Heart/Moon Seat {crystal heart}
Sailor Outfit | Sweet Thing. Sailor Suit - Mercury Top/Skirt (Maitreya) {crystal heart} . new~
Wand | .tsg. Moonlight Magic - Cutie Moon Rod Blue
Wings | Quirky - Mahou Shoujo - Wings {crystal heart} . new~
Wrist Cuffs | Sweet Thing. Giftwrap Cuffs Sky