Jul 14, 2016

 「made with love ♥」
Good evening~ I spent maybe an hour tonight trying to get my internet to work (sorry to everyone who saw me constantly logging in and out lol) before it finally cooperated to the point where I could get an outfit on and a post in. Definitely going to talk to my mom about calling the internet company, because it's gotten so bad that at least two weeks out of every month. Unfortunately she's a bit stubborn and has the logic of "if it works for me, why should I tell them to fix it?" So wish me luck!

New goodies from mignon and Angelica today~ Everything new is for The Epiphany, which starts the 15th. I totally stole the background set from Runa, so all decor set up credit goes to her. Look forward to a special post coming soon!

{ credits }

Dress | mignon. -little doll cafe. maid (gothic) *Limited* {the epiphany} . opens tomorrow!
Eyes | (*ANGELICA) CHAI EYES {the epiphany} . opens tomorrow!
Hair | !Oleander ~ Tegan. {Pastel HUD}
Headband | Sweet Thing. Maid Cafe Headband
Shoes | mignon. -little doll cafe. maid shoes (gothic) *Limited* {the epiphany} . opens tomorrow!
Skin | (*ANGELICA) YEON :latte: oriental {the epiphany} . opens tomorrow!
Socks | ALTAIR* cross ruffle socks
Tray | mignon. -little doll cafe. kawaii patty plate. {the epiphany} . opens tomorrow!
Waffle | sue cream. waffle group gift  <3 (eat)