Jul 23, 2016

 ►storm inside◄
Hey~ I'm back! I guess I got in a little break huh? I kinda didn't have a choice. -laugh- I just needed some time to not be busy and also.. not have a super humid day where it's hard to even just move around. I wanted to get laundry done and that didn't happen because I struggled to stay cool. Heh, I'm still fighting a headache atm but it's not unbearable, so I decided to sit down and blog. Instead of blogging earlier today though, I ended up shopping for.. pretty much the whole day to get some stuff from events I haven't been able to visit for a week or two! I also ended up getting a new skin (it's not new in the store, just new to me) and mesh lips as well. I guess I decided to join in that craze finally. I'll tell you right now though, if you're not experienced with editing shapes and such to make them fit right, you'll probably have a difficult time with it. We all learn from somewhere though, so have at it if you have a lot of patience!

New goodies from allover the grid to be honest. Though some of them are not as new as others. Check the credits for details~ Have a lovely morning/afternoon/night! Whichever it happens to be where you are.

{ credits }

Air Conditioner | [Toiz] (2) pinetree air conditioner {shiny shabby} . new~
Bed | [Toiz] 1. Raindrop bed {indie teepee}
Build | [Toiz] 8. rain cube rare {indie teepee}

Chair | [Toiz] (5) dreamer sofa {shiny shabby} . new~
End Table | [Toiz] 3. bed table {indie teepee}
Photo Deco | [Toiz] 2. 10:51 frame {indie teepee}
Raindrop Deco | [Toiz] 6. raindrop wall deco {indie teepee}
Rainy Lamp | [Toiz] 7. raindrop light {indie teepee}
Rug | [Toiz] 4. raindrop rug {indie teepee}

Arm Wraps | *katat0nik* Arm Straps {collabor88}
Chow Chow | [Black Bantam] Female Chow Chow Doggy White BN RARE {n21} . new~
Garters | Sweet Thing. Little Coven Garters
Geta | [CX] Kage Geta F ( Original )
Hair | [NANI] Lily.Hair {lost & found} . new~
Hair Accessories | [CX] Sai Kanzashi ( Black )  {ubume x origami}
Hairbase | Just Magnetized - Basic Hairbase - set 12 - tint 4
Mesh Lips | { more more } cindy - Mesh Lip
Pose | Purple Poses - Bree 01
Shorts | Addams // Marisa Doble Lace Short // Maitreya {collabor88}
Skin | { more more } cindy Skin tone 1-1
Socks | S@BBiA::Low Crew Socks
Top | even.flow - Knotted Top
Wrist Bow | miwa's airship - Rinka Bracelet {project se7en gift}