Aug 10, 2016

 ►blossoming sakura◄
Good morning! This photo didn't turn out as planned, but a close up every once in a while's not so bad, right? I had to take a small break in posting whether I wanted to or not, because we were out working at my aunt's boyfriend's place yesterday! I'll have to do the same for Thursday. We had a lot of fun though, so I can't say I regret it. The place looks so much better compared to when we first started going out there, it's pretty crazy. I had this all set up for last night, but my headache wouldn't allow me to finish it then and there. Sometimes rest is more important, I guess! Hope you enjoy the look!

{ credits }

Brows | .ARISE. Ela Brows / White {applique} . new!
Choker | -Nomi-Miss Sakura Necklace-B-Blush
Cuffs | [CX] Feral Cuffs Silver
Dress | Blueberry - Scarlet - Angelic Dress - Maitreya 
Drink | {BunBun} Soda Float - Sakura {bon voyage}
Eyes | [Buzz] Natural Eyes - Obsidian {bon voyage}
Hair | Sweet Thing. Sakura Hair {bon voyage} . new!
Nails | .tsg. Almond Nails - Classy Lace . group gift!
Umbrella | AMITOMO / rainy day's morning / 10 {okinawa summer festival}