Aug 1, 2016

 ►kitsune cafe◄
Happy August! I'm still battling this little cold so I'm kinda waiting it out on the blog posts til later on in the night hours. I was reminded of the cat cafe I've heard about that's opened somewhere in the states (sadly I'm pretty sure it's not here) and I decided to do my own take of a cafe. With foxes! I don't have too much to say today! I come bearing new stuff for Gacha Garden and Dreamful~ Oh, and something for Suicide Dollz and Manga Fair coming up as well. Have a good one!

{ credits }

Black Fox | Sweet Thing. FlameTails Static Pet - Sit {gacha garden} . opens today!
Blender | Toiz. 3. blender {dreamful} . coming soon!
Brown/Black Fox | Sweet Thing. FlameTails Static Pet - Climb {gacha garden} . opens today!
Build | Cherry house-{C.H}-pate1-book&cake cafe-15.Cake Cafe House-RARE {gacha garden} . opens tomorrow!
Chair | Cherry house-{C.H}-pate1-book&cake cafe-13.Chair {gacha garden} . opens today!
Couch | Cherry house-{C.H}-pate2-book&cake cafe-2.Rose sofa-Pink-RARE {gacha garden} . opens today!
Cups | Toiz. 2. cups {dreamful} . coming soon!
Frame | Cherry house-{C.H}-pate1-book&cake cafe-14.blackboard drawing {gacha garden} . opens today!
Fridge | Toiz. 7. lemon fridge {dreamful} . coming soon!
Jars | Toiz. 1. fruit {dreamful} . coming soon!
Menu | Toiz. 5. juice menu 2 {dreamful} . coming soon!
Pink Fox | Sweet Thing. FlameTails Static Pet - Gaze {gacha garden} . opens today!
Purple Fox | Sweet Thing. FlameTails Static Pet - Pouty Pants {gacha garden} . opens today!
Red Fox | Sweet Thing. FlameTails Static Pet - Prance {gacha garden} . opens today!
Table | Cherry house-{C.H}-pate1-book&cake cafe-11.table {gacha garden} . opens today!
White Fox | Sweet Thing. FlameTails Static Pet - Lazy Lounge {gacha garden} . opens today!

Backpack | SinfulSky - Kohai Backpack (Black) {manga fair} . starts aug 7th!
Ears | 22 {Catty-fox} ears shadow .::Cubic Cherry::. {gacha garden} . opens today!
Eyes | .tsg. Lumenis Eyes - Dark Brown
Garter | .MS. Sexy Leather Legstrap - Noir
Hair | tram F719 hair / silver . group gift~
Harness | *Epic* Sweet.Sailor Harness! {Black}-[Silver] {suicide dollz} . new~
Heart Tattoo | .ARISE. Heart Tattoo Mark [updated]
Heels | #EMPIRE - Buddleja - Maitreya
Pose | [Curvosity] - Sneaky Pose 04
Tail | 10 {Catty-fox} tail grey .::Cubic Cherry::. [tinted] {gacha garden} . opens today!
Top/Bottom | -Pixicat- Siren. nr2 - White (Maitreya)
White Fox | Sweet Thing. FlameTails Animated Pet (Hold) RARE {gacha garden} . opens today!