Aug 13, 2016

Hello~ I haven't been feeling too well today.. it's been really warm the past week and I've had difficulties sleeping/staying asleep. Even if I go to sleep later to exhaust myself so I can sleep well, I don't! I keep waking up earlier and earlier the later I stay up, and for some reason I'm not tired when I get up, either. Normally if I sleep any less than 8 1/2 hours my body gets really sleepy throughout the day. Yet, somehow I'm able to stay up til the late hours of the morning.. So I finally got a nap today, even though I wasn't tired despite having only slept for 5 then woke up feeling ill.. and even hours later, I'm still feeling ill. x_x Sometimes naps do me more harm than good, somehow! Even if I really could use them.

Haha, anyway. I've got a few new things! I guess I went for another white colored post. I think I'm gonna try to slow it down a little bit with the blogging since I'm all caught up for the most part. We'll see how it goes. Hope you enjoy your morning/day/evening! Uhm, I actually forgot where I took the pic for today and cleared the history without thinking. Whoops.

{ credits }

Bangs | Lovey Dovey :: Add-on Bangs . gift~
Boots | lassitude & ennui Wicked booties - black (Maitreya) {enchantment} . opens tomorrow!
Collar | [CX] Glitch Collar (Silver)
Dress | ***Ambrosia*** Lace collar tunic ~Maitreya_Fitted {the chapter four}
Earrings | adoness : roman cameo : earrings : black
Ears | CURELESS&DISORDERLY / Akiba Cafe / Neko Ears Light / RARE {bon voyage}
Eyes | .ARISE. Dor Eyes / Blues {enchantment} . opens tomorrow!
Hair | [NANI] Ruth.Hair {enchantment} . opens tomorrow!
Nails | alaskametro<3 "Kimono" nail art - Slink {bon voyage} . new!
Pose | oOo dangerous_five
Purse | ::C'est la vie !:: Erja bag . group gift!
Stockings | .Atomic. Kitten Tights - Cotton {n21}
Tail | CURELESS&DISORDERLY / Akiba Cafe / Neko Tail / White 
{bon voyage}