Nov 18, 2016

Heyy~ I keep getting periods of time where I want to just be alone in my thoughts and spend most of the day cleaning or playing games. So! That's what I've been doing.. It's been pretty peaceful. Haven't really gotten onto SL much as a few of you might have noticed, but I finally got my friends back into it (for about a day, lol) so that was neat! Maybe I'll be on more often again soon, I suppose we'll see how it plays out. But for the meantime, my blog posts will likely  remain very few per week (unless I have a lot to blog, then that would be bad!) Sorry to disappoint, but at least I won't be quitting blogging or anything? haha. Hope you guys enjoy today's post! As I promised before, here's some goods from the Luxe Box for this month!

{ credits }

Bench | tarte. gia crib swing [luxebox exclusive]
Build | 1.{{C.H}}-Girl in the study-Sky box-pink-RARE {whimsical} . 
opens today!
Chair | 2.{{C.H}}-Girl in the studyChair {whimsical} . opens today!
Clock | 8.{{C.H}}-Girl in the study-Clock and toy duck {whimsical} . opens today!
Cup | 4.{{C.H}}-Girl in the study-Cup with paper {whimsical} . opens today!
Counter | {what next} Colonna Coffee Station & Decor
Desk | 11.{{C.H}}-Girl in the study-table {whimsical} . opens today!
Headphones | 6.{{C.H}}-Girl in the study-Headset - pink {whimsical} . opens today!
Lamp | +Half-Deer+ Slumber Lamp - Cat - Pink {c88}
Makeup | Soy. Cosmetic Decor Set {c88}
Panda | [BB] Newborn Panda On Pillow RARE {kustom9} . new!
Table | 11.{{C.H}}-Girl in the study-table {whimsical} . opens today!
Trash Bin | 9.{{C.H}}-Girl in the study-trash can {whimsical} . opens today!

Hair | [NANI] Just.Me ~ Kari.Hair 001. RARE {whimsical} . opens today!
Heels | - Daphne.Platforms (Candy) {kustom9} . new!
Pose | (*ANGELICA) IDOL #6
Purse | Astralia - Blazer bag (MM gift)
Ring | [BB] Gypsy Ring 02 Silver {11:11} . new!
Skirt | Blueberry - Luxe Box - November Skirts <3 - Maitreya [luxebox exclusive]
Sweater | Addams - Melisa SweatShirt - Maitreya Lara [luxebox exclusive]