Dec 30, 2016

Yayy, more blog posts! I'm having a lot of fun with these, I have to say. I kind of went on a shopping spree yesterday. NO REGRETS. I guess I'm kind of getting in as much as I can before the new year starts? But also enjoying myself in the process as well. I have some new goods from Cila and CMYK today!

{ credits }

Brush | *Tentacio* Hair ritual gacha. Heart brush
Build | CMYK// 8. happy ending class rare {project se7en} . opens today!
Curling Iron | +Half-Deer+ Cutie Curling Iron - White
Desks | CMYK// 1. school desk set {project se7en} . opens today!
Heart Glitter | +Half-Deer+ Heart Glitter - Pink A
Lockers | CMYK// 4. locker 1 {project se7en} . opens today!
Memo Board | CMYK// 7. memo board {project se7en} . opens today!
Pens | +Half-Deer+ Colorful Pens - Assorted Pastel
Spilled Bucket | +Half-Deer+ (don't cry over) Spilled Paint - Stars
Tablet | -tres blah- Workspace - Tablet

Collar | *Tentacio* Be mine choker pink {sanarae}
Dress | *Cila* Jane Light RARE {project se7en} . opens today!
Eyes | [ MUDSKIN ]_Dolly Eye Gift
Hair | :CHEVEUX:M100Hair CompletePack {japonica}
Headband | *Tentacio* Be mine headband white {sanarae}
Heels | *Cila*Rococo Heart Heels RARE {kawaii project}
Katana | May's Soul *Ninja into the dark* Flower katana RARE {midwinter fair}
Pose | (*ANGELICA) IDOL #3
Stockings | .Atomic. Flutter Tights - Rose