Dec 16, 2016

Hey, so I went on a shopping spree yesterday to catch up on what I've missed this past month! And of course one of those stops was the Arcade. Surprisingly, every gacha I played this round, I got a rare! I thought that was some pretty good luck. Just to pester you one last time since I'm fairly certain I won't be able to get another post in quickly enough, Winter Solstice is open until the 19th! If you still haven't gone, I have a landmark for you to check it out last minute. I only covered a few items at a time, but I did quite a bit of posts so you can see some of what's available there. Hope you guys enjoy! I had a lot of fun with the setup today. I think I'll be taking a short break before the holidays, so see you guys soon! 

{ credits }

Bottles | dust bunny . syrup dispensers 
Build | tarte. winter cottage RARE {the arcade}
Candy Jar | dust bunny . candy cane mug {collabor88}
Chaise | Birdy. Cabaret - Chaise Lounge - Red Gold {the arcade}
Chandelier | tarte. polished stone light (gold) {the arcade}
Desk | Second Spaces - Sugarplum Desk - black/white {collabor88}
Globe | dust bunny . lighted jar . type a 
Lantern | {anc} CAMELLIA. lantern(S) black 2Li {the arcade}
Mug Tree | dust bunny . mug tree . type b {collabor88}
Ornament Decor | [ dynasty ] - Box of Ornaments - Brown {tannenbaum}
Rug | B.C.C-Roxy Bedroom - Knitted Rug -Red
Shelf | dust bunny . miniature village shelf {collabor88}
Shutter Cabinet | dust bunny . upcycled shutter table {collabor88}
Star Light | [Atomic Home] Astronomical Pendant Lights - Medium {tannenbaum}
Teapot | dust bunny . tea kettle {collabor88}
Tree | tarte. tiny tree (silver) {the arcade}
Vase | tarte. holiday twig vase 
Wrapping Shelf | 5 [[RH]] HOLIDAY CAFE-Wrapping paper shelf {the arcade}

Bolero/Dress | *LE* JingleBells Bloody Onyx Dress {winter solstice}
Earrings | `M.BIRDIE / Heart Party! . Earring1 {the arcade}
Eye Makeup | alaskametro<3 "Gala" gatcha eyeshadow - 02b {on9}
Eyes | .tsg. Angel Eyes - Dark Brown {uber}

Hair | [^.^Ayashi^.^] Yuno hair {hairology} . new!
Lips | {aii} + Geisha's Kiss Red +
Mask | *AvaWay* GRACE_Mask 
{winter solstice}
Necklace | EF: Wassail Necklace 2016 {winter solstice}
Pose | an lar [poses] Being Miss Red Three-B
Stockings | Fawny - Submissiveness.Stockings - Maitreya - Black

Tattoo | [CAROL G] Charm Horse -  Black Tattoo {winter solstice}