Thursday, April 13, 2017

I'm trying really hard not to skip days of blogging because I have a lot to cover, but I was really feeling a bit bleh yesterday.. Not gonna lie though, when I saw this set I screamed internally. Eespecially since I just watched it again with my friends recently after many years. I couldn't even remember any of it beforehand. (Now I'm not even sure if I had seen it. Shocking.) I did have this set up for yesterday, but because of my mood I think it reflected the photo and it was just really terrible. I'm ashamed even looking at it honestly. Even my bf pointed it out and he's obviously not a blogger. -laugh- I hope this new one is much easier on your eyes, I won't even think about posting the other one because it's that bad and I knew it didn't do Kitty's set any justice. I took this photo at Petou. <3

{ credits }

Broom | [NANI] Delivery.Girl ~ Broom/w/Radio (Static) @ the epiphany
Cat | [NANI] Delivery.Girl ~ Jiji.Cat (Hold) RARE @ the epiphany OPEN APRIL 15TH
Dress | [NANI] Delivery.Girl ~ Kiki.Dress (Purple)_(maitreya exp) @ the epiphany OPEN APRIL 15TH
Flats | [NANI] Delivery.Girl ~ Kiki.Flats
@ the epiphany OPEN APRIL 15TH
Hair | [NANI] Kiki.Hair @ the epiphany OPEN APRIL 15TH
Hairbow | [NANI] Kiki.Bow @ the epiphany OPEN APRIL 15TH
Knapsack | [NANI] Delivery.Girl ~ Kiki.Bag @ the epiphany OPEN APRIL 15TH