Friday, January 26, 2018

Hello lovelies! I touched up my photo a little differently than I normally do.. I'm trying to make my photos brighter and more colorful. But not overwhelmingly so. I know a lot of my photos still look dark when I try to make them brighter and I get annoyed when I look at them again. Some of them I do want darker, but it has to do with me fighting myself when I'm editing. -laugh- I'm trying to work on that, so maybe my photos will look better color/lighting-wise as time goes on. Guess we'll see hm? I wonder how much improvement I'll do this year.. It's funny to look back on the old stuff and think "Wow, I thought nothing had really changed." Anywho, enough rambling! I took the photo at Winter Moon. I was kinda feeling the "spring" vibe there. I'd much rather it be spring too.

{ credits }

Bodysuit | {vincue} & Momento - Buwie+Suit - RARE [Maitreya]
Choker | Blah. (My Donut Choker) Vanilla *
Earmuffs | Atomic {Alpaca Earmuffs}
Eye Makeup | Wednesday[+] ~ ShimShadows Collection
Hair | [^.^Ayashi^.^] Shijima hair
Jacket | {vincue} & Momento - Buwie+Jacket - RARE [Maitreya]
Lipgloss | :: MOMOCHUU ::  Lela Lip Gloss
Nails | :Moon Amore: Antoinette Nails - Maitre Beige
Pose | BellePoses - Giulia 1+2
Rings | (r)M VR Crown Ring
Shoes/Socks | friday - Faye Booties (Grey)
friday - Faye Socks (Cloud) @ uber NEW