Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Hello lovelies! As a result of all the horror/spooky stuff I've been watching on youtube the past few days.. I guess I got inspired to do a creepy photo and even a story to go along with it. I do love creepy stuff regardless but I feel like it was probably the main reason I did it this time. And now, it's scary story time! I haven't written stories in quite a while.. honestly I kinda miss it. This is not a real story obviously. Haha. But anyway, I wanted it to go something like this..

You stumble upon and venture into an abandoned psychiatric hospital that you found nearby all by your lonesome, with nothing but a flashlight and some camera equipment. You have no idea what the history of the place is, or the chilling tale of what went on in this god forsaken place before it was abandoned. A nurse who once worked in the building that took care of several patients went to one in particular's room who was known to be severely unstable to check up on them, not realizing right away that they were nowhere in the room and that they had escaped their restraints. Confused and unsure if they had been moved to another room due to the safety issues, she turned back around to leave and alert the staff. Little did she know that they were waiting for her in the darkest corner of the room where she couldn't see, lunging forward and grabbing her from behind; repeatedly stabbed her in the abdomen 15 times before leaving her there to bleed out and running off to severely injure/murder more staff members who were close by, before killing himself. The woman's spirit never left the place and continues to roam free to this day. Many of the others who were killed remain there as well, including the murderer himself who is said to attack or attempt to murder whoever sets foot into the building.

You suddenly feel a drop in temperature as you continue further and further into the deep and dark building; an eerie chill as you approach what appears to be an old and unworking elevator. You shine your light to check out the weird splatters on the doors and think that you see someone out of the corner of your eye at that instant, so you move it away. Are you really alone? You start to feel as though you are not. It could just be your mind playing tricks on you.. You pause for a moment and shine your flashlight all around the area to inspect it, but hear nothing. See nothing. It is deadly and eerily quiet. At least, it is until something suddenly whispers in your ear very clearly: "Don't run." As you become shaken from these words, thinking you might just be hearing things and start to continue on, you bump into something and are knocked over by a great force. Your flashlight falls out of your hand and tumbles to the floor, making a crashing sound that echoes throughout the area as you're knocked flat on the ground. It illuminates both a haunting figure and several bloodstains on the walls and elevator doors. Are those fresh? Is that really blood..? You blink several times then shut your eyes tightly, before reopening them slowly; hoping that when you reopen them, everything you just saw will have only been your imagination. ..It's not. The figure you had run into is now much closer, and you can make out exactly what it is. Someone was here with you all along.

{ credits }

Backdrop | Astralia - Horrorfest backdrops (Psychiatric Hospital) Gold
Bloody Armband | CUREMORE / Patient Bandages / Arms RARE
Bloody Face | Evermore. Blood Stained Face RED OMEGA
Bloody Knuckles | CUREMORE / Knuckles / OMEGA APPLIERS
Dress | B.C.C LoveHoney Nurse B blood RARE
Eyepatch | B.C.C LoveHoney Nurse Eye patch Blood
Eyes | -SU!- Dexiem Eyes
Garter | B.C.C LoveHoney Nurse Garter Red
Hair | [^.^Ayashi^.^] Ema hair
Headdress | B.C.C LoveHoney Nurse Headdress Blood
Knife | .random.Matter. - Girl Fight - Pocket Knife [Black]
Stethoscope | B.C.C LoveHoney Nurse Stethoscope Blood