Saturday, May 14, 2016

 「let me be your wings」
I decided to do some sort of serene photo today. I need to just chill and relax today because I'm a little miffed about stuff that just happened yesterday. So I wanted to create a photo that would make me feel peaceful and at ease and not have to worry about that stuff while creating this post for you guys. I considered doing what I would have done a year ago and make some sort of bitter remarks in regards to what it is, but honestly it's better to just leave it as is and keep it calm. (and probably more mature) :'D This isn't a diary after all, it's a blog. These things pass with time, anyway.

I really enjoyed putting this look together, as you guys probably know by now (unless you're a new follower, in which case; hello!) that I really adore pandas and Quirky hit the spot by making a cute panda bag.  To top it off I also have a new swim suit by Sweet Thing and a new hair by LCKY! And a really nice tattoo and pair of eyes by Arise. Hope you enjoy~ I took the photo at Baja Norte!

{ credits }

Arm Wraps | *katat0nik* (black) Bow Wrist Strap
Belly Piercing | POMPOSITY - Heart Studded Belly Piercing
Bikini | Sweet Thing. Bone Bikini - Maitreya {dark style fair} . opens today!
Bunny Ears | *Epic* Sweet.Bunny Wire Ears! {Black}
Eyes | .ARISE. Cornelius Eyes / Grey {enchantment} . new~
Glasses | C h a r y . - Jelly Glasses (Black)
Hair | [LCKY] Shelly {dark style fair} . opens today!
Necklace | ALTAIR* ouija necklace .black.
Panda Bag | Quirky - Bear Hug Bag {kawaii project} . opens tomorrow!
Piercing | :HV: The Minimalist [Ink] Female
Pose | {Imeka} Rina - Pose 4
Rings | [CX] Wrapped Ring
Septum Piercing | TABOU. Dotty Septum - Black
Tattoo | .ARISE. Let Me Be Your Wings Tattoo {enchantment} . new~